My Work

Welcome to the world of my work. The sometimes prolific, sometimes sparsely populated domain of words in which I trade.

I have been writing since I could write, but it definitely took a turn for the better when I learned to spell…I think I was about 17 when that blessed event occured…then they invented spellcheck and I haven’t looked back…except for the first day of university when I couldn’t figure out how to spell ‘Journalism’ for the entry form!

*eyes misting over at the thoughts of uni*

Needless to say much was learned about life, and about reading great fiction. And my genre emerged from the ruins of an education well-lived, ‘fully-formed’ as JK Rowling said about her idea for Harry Potter, Young Adult was/is the genre for me.

Exciting, provocative, challenging. You have to be better than good to write Young Adult fiction well. Your ideas have to flow, you have to be attuned to the constant changing of techology and language. You have to remain young at heart and melodramatic in your soul so that the trapping’s of adulthood don’t grey your perceptions.

Our audience are capable, discerning and the leaders of the future. And they relate deeply to the people we create. Sometimes they identify so closely with our creations that it becomes almost a fusion of two people, the imagined and the real.

This is why I love my genre. This is why I love my audience. This is why I love Young Adult. I may be greying and sagging, but in my heart I am a teenager.

The Preacher Trilogy – Young Adult – 15+

The Preacher’s Boy is the first book in The Preachers trilogy – more information can be found here

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