Who do you write to?

Working on the big re-write. Nothing new there I hear you gasp. Well, for this rewrite I have been plugging in. iTunes at the ready. And was wondering who do you write to? What music inspires the most words?

I find The Kings of Leon awesome to get the beat moving, but sometimes I find myself focusing on my favourite words in my ears rather than that on the page. Muse are good because there aren’t too many words. Adele is lovely. Oddly, I can’t write to REM.

Hozier's new album

What are the best tunes that inspire you? I have a lot of re-writing to do so your inspiration could soon be mine!

2 thoughts on “Who do you write to?

  1. Simple formula. Repeat this mantra: Go Colleen. Go. Advice wordy of consideration? Cheers C and good luck with the re-write. Good one to give advice eh as I diverted, temporarily, from the written word to Audiobook compilation and narration with Librivox (two projects under my belt so far). Ah sure what matters, so long as you give vent to the auld creativity; right?

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