It’s not like I’m obsessed or anything. It’s like a hobby, watching Adam is my hobby. It distracts me from the ugly things in my life. The softening edges of my used-be friends, the classes preparing me for my destiny, my father’s continued distance.

The sadness swirls around me in a form I can almost touch; sometimes I want to draw it into me, to let it engulf me, to surrender myself to it and drift away. Usually I fight it.

Danny helped. His hug was a searing flame of happiness that I could feel for over a week.

Adam’s soft thanks for helping him, for bringing him home.

I’m anchored now away from it, but. I can see that Adam is not going to survive. It’s as if being so close to the veil has revealed some things with perfect clarity, we are just playing a game with a fixed ending. None of us are destined to survive, if surviving even counts.

6 thoughts on “Teaser

  1. I think it’s well written and quite poetic, but I also think it is a little fragmented and doesn’t give enough in terms of the story. Is this a blurb for the back ot the book or a synopsis?

    1. Thanks HistoryWithaTwist!

      It’s a teaser rather than a synopsis or a blurb…just to keep people interested!

      Not that I have too many people following to be interested 🙂

      Must get back on the twitter trail once again!

      Have you started on to book 3 yet??

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