What’s in a voice

So The Preacher’s Boy has hit another iteration-a rewrite of magnificent proportions-a change of voice.

“can you procrastinate any more?”

I hear you ask…possibly not, but this rewrite has made it better.

“What’s in a voice?”

A hell of a lot…first person strips away the need to frame assumptions, it gives you the right to name a feeling…rather than listing all the reasons why…but of course, disturbingly, it was not a single change I made, but a triple, 2 first person voices and a third…not so sure it works.

Not so sure I’ve ever seen it work.

Anyone ever seen a variation of multiple voices working before? Or are we going to have to make a first?

2 thoughts on “What’s in a voice

  1. Interesting challenge BFP. Question is: would there be too many voices chattering in the room? No harm in giving it a go though. However, I have this feeling that smooth flow within the narrative would be king. So, would multi-voice nurture smooth flow? Allow the experiment a couple of pages and see how it goes. Cheers.

    1. You’ve got it spot on DubMan…the narrative flow is where the worry is…there is a little bit of jarring between transitions…it’s hard to know if that’s a flaw of the style or whether it could be a celebration of the style šŸ˜‰ might post ’em up in awhile and see what you think.

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